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Over the past 10 years, I have witnessed Adderall morph from a prescription drug that some kids in school took for ADHD into a popular college candy used by students to improve concentration, lose weight and boost their self esteem.

I have also seen Adderall addiction damage the lives of people I know.

Especially me.

What You’ll Find Here

In addition to real stories of addiction and online discussions, we offer information about the dangers of Adderall addiction from an abuser’s perspective, especially the side effects and withdrawal symptoms that can follow months or years of abuse.

You’ll also find one of the largest mobile-friendly collection of information about Adderall addiction online. Here you can learn:

Who This Site Is For

Adderall addiction - you are not alone

you are not alone

I built this site for anyone who is abusing Adderall right now and would like to stop.

I want them to know they are not alone in their battle to overcome prescription drug addiction. If this site helps just one person, then all of my work was worth it.

I also want to help the families, friends and coworkers of Adderall abusers learn about what their loved ones are going through, so they can support them and get them the help they need, with a Rehabilitation Center for example.

This site is designed for use on smartphones, so you can access it from anywhere and share it with a friend when it really matters.

To be clear: Adderall is NOT a bad drug! It is a life saver for people who suffer from a range of behavioral and psychological issues.

But Adderall abuse? That’s a different matter – and the focus of this site.

Why I Built This Site (My Story)

Like millions of other young adults, I abused Adderall in my college years. I’ve experienced some of the worst of what Adderall addiction can do to a person.

Over time, I let these little orange pills control every aspect of my life. I’ve lost relationships; gone without sleep until I hallucinated; walked around like a zombie for weeks; crashed for days; and experienced horribly dark thoughts of ending my life. Many of my friends stopped trusting me due to my mood swings. I could go on.

But even when things got bad, I couldn’t imagine how I could function without my Addy’s.

Soon after graduating from college, it became clear that my co-workers didn’t joke about Adderall like we did in college. Drug use is verboten at my job. Because I still depended on smarties to get through the day, I began to wonder if I had a problem that might damage my career.

So one night I decided to search online for personal stories about Adderall addiction, which you can find on some drug addiction sites. That was when I realized there are thousands of people out there just like me – people who need Adderall just to get through the day. A few stories in, it became clear that LOTS of people, like me, are clearly addicted to Adderall.

Unfortunately, I also learned that the forums where Adderall addiction is discussed have two big problems:

  1. they are hard to read on smart phones, and
  2. they aren’t for people who abuse Adderall. Instead, most of the Adderall forums are designed for people with real medical issues that require taking the drug. Their struggle is different.

This means that important information about Adderall addiction isn’t getting to most abusers and addicts my age!

I’ve built a few mobile websites in my career, so I decided to launch another one to solve this very problem.

Have A Story To Share?

Do you have experience with Adderall abuse? If so, your story can help others with their struggle to quit. It can be healthy for you to write things down, too.

Is a loved one of yours is struggling with addiction? Your story can help other families understand they are not alone.

Thank you for visiting.

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  1. Tracey Pedersen
    January 11 @ 2:46 am

    Wow. This addiction seems serious. How exactly do you come by this drug to be able to abuse it? Do you go to the doctor and get a prescription or would you obtain it in other ways? I’m always interested in how easy or hard drugs are to obtain. There doesn’t seem to be a correlation between ease of obtaining and levels of abuse. It seems if you want it you can always find a way to get it.


  2. Gina Pera
    June 2 @ 7:36 pm

    Thanks for this site. I used to collar Shire reps at conference…”Why don’t you tell MDs about the potential problems with this Rx?” They completely gaslighted me.



  3. Kyle
    December 7 @ 2:06 pm

    How do I view a story I shared? I shared my story as anonymous, and then created an account. PS I’m on a phone


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