“It’s been 4 straight years of either severe depression or absolutely no emotions whatsoever.” – Dawn

Adderall is by far the worst thing ever invented.

My entire life has changed so negatively,

I know deep down I can not go back to feeling real, or happy, really truly caring for anything or anyone.

I need to find someone to publish a book that I must write, so thousands of people do not end up like me and so many others.

It’s been 4 straight years of either severe depression or absolutely no emotions what so ever.

I’m a pretty girl,  but gave up on looking good. It’s too much effort, and I don’t want to leave my house, anyway.

I want to stay home and pop ADDERALL and smoke cigarettes, alone.

I can’t last more than a couple minutes with someone, whom I can hang w/ for hours, without thinking in my head how bad I wanted to go home. I used to get very upset when a day would go by with one single call or text.  Now, I expect it.

It hits me every once in awhile and U realize how TRULY alone I really am. I don’t talk with my family and my huge list of social friends, is down to 1 or 2, if that.

I know what I need to do…but I just don’t, and don’t care…

I feel bad, but it’d like I have heart of stone now. ..I don’t care.

I’m divorced, didn’t love him, started taking Adderall during the divorce in 2010.

My life hit rock bottom 2015.

More to come.

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