“I quit Adderall cold turkey a month ago. The withdrawal was intense.” – KaD

A little bit about who I am, first: I’m a 29 year old female living in NYC working in the luxury fashion buying world.

The first time I took Adderall was in college, sparingly, for a random paper I didn’t have the energy to write.

From what I can remember, I must have taken it no more than ten times during college.

Fast forward, to moving and working in NY.

I can’t remember what made me want to get a prescription for addy, but about 4-5 years ago, I told my new doctor in the city that I wanted to go on Adderall and that was it.

I started on 10mgs… then 15… and then a couple months in, I was on 30mgs, twice a day.

Some days I was probably up to at least 90-100mgs a day.

Anyways, about two years in, I started to drink a bottle of wine and smoke a pack of cigarettes every day for the following two years.

I functioned like a complete normal person, even though my insides were probably dying.

I couldn’t go a day without Adderall, especially at work.

The thought of my prescription running out before I could get to the DR for a refill would send me into a panic.

It hit me a couple weeks ago that if I don’t change, I could do severe damage to my body (more so than I probably already did these past 4-5 days).

lost too much weight young woman adderall addiction supportI realized that I only really want to drink and smoke cigarettes, when Adderall is in my system. 

I quit Adderall cold turkey almost a month ago, and the day I stopped taking Adderall was also the day I had my last smoke and alcohol.

I quit all three things at once, with zero desire to go back.

That being said, the withdrawal from Adderall was intense, the first week.

I was unmotivated, melancholy, lazy, tired etc etc.

I wasn’t sure that I’d ever be able to function normally again.

Fortunately, that phase of withdrawal only lasted about a week.

My brain learned how to function and do work again without the drug.

However, what lead me to this site was researching if bad headaches are associated with this process, because I currently get them every night before bed.

I know I could have probably been a bit more inspirational, but I just wanted to get my experience out there and if anyone has any questions or wants to talk, I’m happy to be that person.

Best of luck.

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