Hello. I’m Rich Townsend.

Like millions of other young adults, I abused Adderall in my college years.

During that period in my life, I experienced some of the worst of what Adderall addiction can do to a person.

Over time, I let those little orange pills control every aspect of my life.

I lost relationships; went without sleep until I hallucinated; walked around like a zombie for weeks; crashed for days; and experienced horribly dark thoughts of ending my life.

Many of my friends stopped trusting me due to my mood swings.

I could go on.

But even when things got bad, I couldn’t imagine how I could function without my Addy’s.

Soon after graduating from college, it became clear to me that my co-workers didn’t joke about Adderall like we did in college. Drug use is verboten at my job.

Because I still depended on this drug to get through the day, I began to wonder if I had a problem that might damage my career.

So one night, I decided to search online for personal stories about Adderall addiction, which you can find on some drug addiction sites. That was when I realized there are thousands of people out there just like me – people who need Adderall just to get through the day. A few stories in, it became clear that LOTS of people, like me, are clearly addicted to Adderall.

But I also learned that most of the forums where Adderall addiction is discussed suffer from two big problems:

  1. they are really hard to read on a smart phone, and
  2. they aren’t designed for people who abuse Adderall. Instead, Adderall forums are designed for people with real medical issues that require taking the drug. Their struggle is different.

This means that important information about Adderall addiction isn’t getting to most abusers and addicts my age!

I’ve built a few mobile websites in my career, so I decided to launch another one to solve this very problem.

The result is what you see here.

What This Site Offers

AdderallAddictionSupport.com offers anyone suffering from Adderall addiction – including the people who love them – several different resources to help them understand the struggle and to get help. On this site you’ll find:

  1. In-depth information and facts about what Adderall is & why it’s so hard to quit
  2. A shortlist of factors that indicate you may be addicted to Adderall
  3. Tips on how to quit Adderall safely
  4. Links to addiction recovery resources
  5. We accept and publish stories submitted by our readers.  Submit yours here.
  6. We also host anonymous discussions on every page, where people can openly discuss Adderall addiction and recovery issues & get help from others.

I hope you find what you’re looking for.

If you ever need something or have a suggestion to share, please send me a message using our contact form.

Good luck on your journey!

– Rich T.