“On Adderall, my mom did cruel sh*t to me and my siblings” – Christina

Well I currently take Vyvanse, and I have been for about 3/4 years now.

I take it the correct way, but I’ve watched my mom struggle with her addiction my whole life – she is prescribed Adderall, because she has, “ADD and a sleeping disorder”.

She has been prescribed this since she was 10, so her tolerance is incredibly high.

When I was younger, I’d watch my father binge and be legitimately scared of me and my siblings… he thought we’d eat him!

I never brought it up to anyone until I realized the problem: my mother was feeding my dad Adderall like it was breakfast, lunch and dinner.

They both hoped I didn’t remember, but it never opened my moms eyes – nothing does.

She went through a phase where everyone in my house started to know and get used to her routine.  Instead of helping her problem, it was easier to go along with it.

I was the only one in my family that had a big problem with it, and I still do.

My stepdad is a pu**y who lets her walk all over him – he never sees a problem with her. Which is just impossible!

I have zero respect for him, because it’s easier for him to go along with it than try and help her.

She would stay up for days not eating and what not, and it began to make her go crazy. She’d pick at her skin and make herself look like a crack head.

She began to think people were watching us across the street and began to make everyone’s life a living hell.  

wide awake on adderall addiction supportShe began to just become evil and do cruel shit to me and my step siblings… one minute, she’d beat us with boards and make my step sisters stay in the basement. She was cruel to them. My older sister would do nothing, and my little brother would go along with my mother and not see the huge problem.

She began to turn my two step sisters against each other and try to turn everyone against them.

I’d have to sneak them down food or let them use my phone to talk to their friends.

As soon as they were 17, they moved out as fast as they could… but my mother is so good with head games, everyone hates that they love her because she’d make you feel like the biggest piece of sh*t and then tell you how much she loves you. It’s a horrible roller coaster.

There’s so much more – I’m just hopping everywhere – but I moved out, and when I began to talk, she realized she had a problem and told me all about how she would see things and hear things and just feel crazy.

I moved back home when she was doing good.

It’s been a couple months, and she swears she’s not back on it, but I can tell that her whole room’s redone and painted.

She was falling asleep while she was talking to me, slurring her words… and her face and legs picked at… and then passing out for a couple days.

I’m getting to a point where I’m done begging her to stop. She’s grown now, and you can’t change people.

I’m getting sick of being the only one that wants her to stop and being the one that gets sh*t… for just trying to help!