“Adderall possessed my mom – like a demon from the depths of hell!” – Mandy

My name is Mandy, and I am an addict.

My story is about my Mom and her current state of mind, as she is truly addicted to Adderall and Ritalin.

I grew up in a very, very dysfunctional family.

The trauma inflicted upon me and my sister has caused a wide variety of mental illnesses and drug abuse.

My mom has become a monster. I don’t even think she is herself, anymore.

I have my own place, but I thought I would go and visit my mom.

She had about 10 or 15 Adderall on her.  I did two with her, but what happened next was completely unbelievable.

Adderall possessed my mom like a demon from the depths of hell! 

She became extremely violent.

freaking out on adderall addiction supportShe and my dad were having an argument like they always do, because my dad happens to be a chronic alcoholic.

They have never been in a violent fight, but that night my mom was being taunted.

Being high on Adderall, she picked up the bed side fan and hit him with it about 8 times, and she pulled his hair. My brother had to break the fight up.

My mom really messed up Dad’s elbow, but because he was drinking HE went to jail.

My mom is vindictive, spiteful, controlling and she also lies, steals, hits, says mean cruel things.

She told me how if dad were asleep she would have killed him!

As far as she is when using Adderall, I think she could.

He said hateful things to her. But after 38 years, they are getting divorced.

The latest altercation was between me, my 17 year old niece and my Mom.

Me and Kayleigh were fighting, and out comes my mom with the most hateful look in her eyes.

First, she attacks Kayleigh and pins her to the ground, then she ends up fist-fighting me!

I have never had my mom stand up and tell me she hates me, but she did.

My brother and I went to court with my dad, because we wanted to help clear his name, and mom was so out of her mind and so crazy and hateful that she threatened to “knock me the fuck out.”

I probably have 50 bruises on my body.

We just wanted to be honest – my mom and niece are very spiteful and deceiving.

She had my oldest nephew placed on Adderall, then had him taken off of it because he was being an a-hole.

He was only on it for like 2 days, so she took his whole prescription.

She gets prescribed Ritalin.

My youngest nephew is on Focalin, which she also skims.

And she has different connections for Adderall, Ritalin and Metadate.

I quit taking my Adderall, because one: I am an addict; and, two: I did not want to be responsible for her death.

Amphetamines can do just as much damage to a person as methamphetamine.

My mom lost all her teeth, and she ALWAYS used to take such good care of her teeth.

She is violently out of control.

She already had one stroke due to Metadate.

The sad thing is, there is nothing we can do for her unless she wants help.

I am so very sad.

I tell her I love her, even when she is cruel – because she could be dead, tomorrow.