“Addicted to Adderall, she threatened ‘suicide by cop’. In April, she made good on that promise.” – jonah16

I wish my story was encouraging, but it is not.

My best friend of fifty years became highly addicted to Adderall.

couple on bench adderall addiction supportMY advice to anyone even considering taking this drug or giving it to your child: it causes brain damage.

I was her caretaker for the last 5 years of her life.

I pleaded with her to stop taking this poison but, she couldn’t – or her mind wouldn’t?

I watched this beautiful college grad wither away, mentally and physically.

She became everything she hated; people stared at her everywhere I took her.

She was my biggest competition in school, and now she is my biggest disappointment.

I thought I could help her, because I myself overcame a serious 10-year addiction to narcotics due to being misled by doctor that oxycontin was not addictive.

I had one person left to help me, just as my friend had only me.

I gave up when she told me she would rather be alone with her Adderall, and she was trying to learn to make meth.

I couldn’t watch her dying before my eyes.

She became physical with me.

All her family members pleaded that I call the police, to put her away mentally.

She had aways threatened suicide by cop if we ever called them again.

ambulance at night adderall addiction support

Well, on April 25,2016, in East Flat Rock, North Carolina, she carried through on that promise.  

My advice is RUN from Adderall.

It makes you feel like a better person… but what’s so wrong with being the person God made you to be??