“I finally acknowledged my problem – and also my purpose.” – Amber Armstrong

The human brain is an amazing thing.

I noticed that once I opened my mind, I became less worried about superficial matters.

I didn’t see judgement, because I had been sub-categorized to it all my life and would not wish to pass such emotion along.

I finally acknowledged my problem and also my purpose.

I quit my job and sold the rest of my script of Adderall.

I knew deep down, there was more to me than what I was allowing myself to feel.

The ancient indigenous teachings (such as Shamanism) are derived from the simplistic teachings of nature. The main goal being to create an internal and external harmony with all creations on our earth.

Channel your transcendental energy to others struggling, as well as yourself.

Knowing you are not alone when you are struggling is a blessing.

You cannot control what other people decide for themselves; however, you CAN control how you influence yourself.

There will be set backs, but please know that if you fuck up one day after getting clean, that DOES NOT mean you have to walk away from the good path you have created for yourself.

Acknowledge the mistake, and get to the root of the real issue.

Everything that you say becomes what you do.

As everything that you do, will come back to you.

Spread the spiritual awakening and become your true self; break down the walls and false illusion society has created.

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