“I hope my sister’s detox process happens soon – I don’t think my family can take 90 days of this.” – Karen

This story is not about me, it’s about my sister.

She was diagnosed a few months ago with ADHD. I think maybe she always had it, but it was me the focus was on.

I was diagnosed as a young child. My mom decided not to put me on medication, and I am so thankful for that decision she made today.

As an adult, my ADD has just about disappeared. It just does not effect my life, anymore.

My sister was not so lucky – she was not diagnosed as a child and as an adult was so disorganized that mail would sit on the counter for days unopened.

One day, I referred her to a doctor I was seeing for anxiety disorder, but he was not taking new patients so she started seeing a nurse practitioner who could prescribe meds. The pracitioner listened to my sister tell her I was diagnosed with ADD, and it had run in the family. She did not even do the actual ADD testing – she just wrote her up a prescription for Adderall.

My sister started taking it, and I guess maybe it was helping.

I don’t think she was dosing herself properly, as she would tell me “well, some days, I require more than others”.

She also lost weight dramatically and became unhealthy looking and to thin.

She recently stared a new job which required her to change medical insurance.

She was not honest with her new job that she was taking this medication, which is why she may be having problems – they have denied coverage and a PA has not worked.

Due to these circumstances, she has been forced to quit the medication cold turkey, as it is very expensive to pay for out of pocket.

I was not sure what was wrong with her – she had always been moody and over reacting to little details – but after three weeks off this horrible medication, she is not someone I recognize.

She is: very agitated, depressed, cannot sleep, yelling at people, disrespectful, terrible mood swings, un provoked anger, etc.

crazy blonde adderall addiction supportThat and weight gain, but that’s ok, she needed to gain weight.

Speed is dangerous, and I feel like this nurse did not educate my sister about the dangers of this drug.

I don’t know who to be mad at: the nurse practitioner, the insurance company or my sister.

She has recently really been upsetting her family.

I just want this terrible drug out of her system so I can have my sister back.

I do not believe she was ever that bad that she needed to be handed a prescription that has know over taken her life.

Look at me: I am fine, still have ADD, and I am on nothing.

She is very defensive and will not discuss it.

I just hope the detox process happens soon – I don’t think my family can take 90 days of this.

God help us – and her.