“I’m currently taking Adderall. It’s taken over my whole life. What do I do?” – Kate

I’m currently taking Adderall.  It’s been well over a year, now.

Somehow, my life started to revolve around taking it.

Taking too much, then running out, then withdrawing, then starting the whole cycle all over again, as soon as my script came in.

It’s taken over my whole life.

I lost my job because of it.

I have pushed people away because of it.

I am completely dependent on it to have a good day.

adderall addictI told my doctor recently how bad it’s gotten… and all the chest pain I’ve been having… and involuntary muscle movements… and withdrawing once a month – and he decided the solution was to prescribe more.

So, now my dosage is higher.

Hoping this means no more withdrawal, but it doesn’t really solve my bigger problem, which is the dependence.

Keep in mind. my doctor specializes in addiction so I figure he must know what he’s doing, right?

Not sure why I’m writing this.

I guess to see if anyone else out there lives this life of being so addicted to Adderall you run out every month and go through withdrawal month after month for years on end? 

Is it only me?

And, what do I do?

Just try to take my new dose as prescribed probably… right?

So confused.