“I’m so disgusted with myself for letting things get this far. I have to get help” – Kaitlyn

For over a year now, I have been sneaking my girlfriend’s Adderall.

We have been together for two years, and she just recently broke up with me because I finally broke down and told her the truth.

She told me if it happened again, we were done…and I didn’t listen.

I took 4 more…

Like what the fuck is wrong with me?

I’m obviously addicted, as I was able to convince myself that I could get away with taking more knowing full well what the consequences were.

I’ve hurt her…bad.

And she is so depressed by it.

I asked her to stay with me, and that I would get help… and she just needed to keep fighting with me.

But she just simply said she doesn’t have any fight left in her.

depression caused by adderall addiction orange hairI get it. I really do.

But it still doesn’t make the hurt go away.

She is the love of my life, and she is the woman I want to eventually marry.

I have to make things right.

I have to get help.

Not just to save myself, but to save our relationship.

It’s so hard getting through the day without Adderall and without seeing her.

But I have to be strong. I have to get her back.

I’m so disgusted with myself for letting things get this far.