“I’m obsessed with things, like running, my figure, being on my phone constantly” – Runmaster

I have been taking Adderall for about four months. The immediate changes I have felt, have been fantastic. I have lost weight which I love, and don’t have cravings; my mood is up, energy is up, not too sure about focus, because my brain is weird.

I don’t think I can concentrate any better than I did without it. I notice that I’m obsessed with things, like running, my figure, being on my phone constantly.

When I have something exciting happen, or meet someone new, I think in that situation for hours, and can’t get it out of my head.

sad due to Adderall addiction and withdrawalI take it early in the morning as soon as I get up, along with Prozac and Wellbutrin. Have some headaches, I sleep fine; just feel anxious during the day. It was brought to my attention that I’m not the person I want to be.

Looking at the information about this drug, I’m so disappointed to read that it’s equivalent to taking speed, I can’t do this, I’ve never been a drug addict, can’t stand being my true self.

It scares me to know. Now I have to wean off and try to recover before it does more damage. The changes I know I’ll have from weaning off are going to be spool scary to me and so uncomfortable.

That’s why it’s called an addiction, and my doctors didn’t even tell me this could happen.