“I’m writing this because I’m looking for someone to relate to about my Adderall addiction…” – V

I’ve been addicted to Adderall since I was prescribed it at the age of 14.

I’m now 27…

I wouldn’t know where to begin telling my story, it’s long and sad and selfish and super strange as most peoples’ are..

But it’s also still not over.. And I’m not sure it’ll be a happy ending.

Not to get all depressing or anything, but Adderall most likely killing me is something I’ve come to accept.   

I never thought it would get this bad, but I guess that’s kinda how addiction works, one day i just stopped caring…

Anyways, I take an entire month’s worth in a week or so, don’t sleep for days at a time, and I lose like 10 pounds overnight.

3 signs you are ready to quit adderallIt’s f***ing scary stuff man,

I 100% see it killing me physically.,. I mean 10 years is a long time to stay awake lol.

So idk if anyone would actually wanna know my whole story, but I guess I’m writing this because I’m looking for someone who reads this and does want to know it

Just someone to relate to, would be nice.