“I’ve made this choice in time to save my work and family life” – Jake

Though Adderall has been only one of many drugs that dominated my life for the last five years, it has become my go to for the last couple weeks.

I worked hard, sleep is gone, and tonight I believe I overdose. Now I’m all out and beginning to realize the gravity of the situation.

control over addiction to AdderallI’m scared but in a scared straight way. I thought I was going to die. I had to wake my mom up to console me. I was a shaking paranoid mess.

I hope that I’ve made this choice in time to save my work and family life (I don’t usually call off, but it’s been twice since in began abusing).

I don’t want to die or live as a slave.  I’m not a particularly religious guy, but I prayed tonight. I pray for the strength to overcome substance abuse. I’m going to need it.

Is Adderall Addiction Ruining Your Life?

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