“I’ve been off of Adderall for almost a week. I was on a high dose, 60mg a day…” – Squash

It’s 1:39am and I can’t sleep.

I’ve been off of Adderall for almost a week.

Last I took it was Monday, around lunch.

It’s now the following Monday, at 1:39am.

This past week, actually, has not been that bad.

The only issues I’ve been having are getting stressed over stupid things, slight moodiness and slight sleep problems.

In this past week, I’ve actually become closer with my family, which I’m really happy about.

I did get into an argument with my friend, but I don’t think that’s related to the Adderall – he’s upset because he thinks I duked him, and between me and y’all, I did!

But I duked him into spending time with me and not in a bar, so it was a duke for the better.

But overall, this website makes it sound much worse then it really is.

I was on a high dose, too – 60mg a day on average.  I took it rec. orally.

So yeah, overall, it’s really not that bad.

Maybe I’m not as smart or as interesting, but I feel much more grounded, less anxious, far less neurotic, and much more me.

I guess the real test will be tomorrow, when I’m able to get more…

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