“I am the mother of an Adderall addict. What are families supposed to do?” – Mother

I am the mother of an Adderall addict

She does not like it for me to say/think that.

But I am watching her destroy herself.

She has a psychiatrist that she seems to convince to give her whatever.  She also takes xanax, clonopin and cymbalta. Maybe more.

I cannot seem to influence her at all, to see that this can be a problem.

She has other health issues and an ex-husband who has taken her child away (but not because of what she takes).

Anyway, it gets complicated. But the drugs are making things worse, I am pretty sure.

She is not functioning. Not eating or sleeping much of the time. She cannot stay focused to clean house or do chores.

angry and manic due to Adderall addictionShe is very paranoid. She swears someone is coming in her house at night. We cannot find how they can get in.

There’s not a lot of money – she is on disability.

I am working overtime to pay her power bill. I have come to believe I may be enabling, by doing that.

She has an issue with her car, now. The mechanic said the engine is going out.

Right now, I have refused to cosign because I am already on a note for her and I’m having to pay it.

But she is saying her ex hacked the computer on her car and he is going to kill her.

I have to get her help, but she will not talk about it.

I plan to go to her psychiatrist next week. I think it may just make it worse.

What are families supposed to do?