“I am a pretty blonde girl who had everything going for me – until I began abusing Adderall” – Samantha

I began abusing Adderall at 16, to lose weight.

I am now 22 years old.

I just left my seventh place of rehabilitation for Adderall abuse, and my life is still one big mess.

I am today an Adderall and a meth addict.

depression caused by adderall addiction orange hairI just discovered meth this past fall, and I began mixing the two…

…until my paranoia, anorexia, and picking apart of my skin got so bad that my parents threw me, out and I was homeless living on the streets

When I tried to come back, I was arrested and placed in a mental hospital for 2 weeks on a 52/50 hold.

That is where years of taking an average dose of 300 mg a day of Adderall plusĀ 100 mg of Dexedrine from a dealer I had on the side, took me.

Mind you, I am a decently pretty blonde girl from an upper middle class family who had everything going for me – until I began abusing this drug.

I can honestly look back at my life and wish so badly that I had never tried it, that I knew nothing of the effects of stimulants or methamphetamine.

For today, I am trying desperately just to get out of bed in the morning at my sober living house.

And here, if I test positive for drugs, it’s back to the streets for me.

So all I can hope is that I am strong enough to stay sober and fight the darkness of this disease, because lord knows I have never felt more pain or more sickness.

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