Snorting Adderall: What It Does To You

In this busy day and age, employers, universities and friends place a high value on productivity, efficiency and alertness.

Because of this, it can be tempting to turn to stimulants in order to heighten your natural abilities.

But there is a big difference between drinking a cup of coffee or two to jumpstart your day… and snorting a prescription medication like Adderall, a powerful amphetamine.

According to a 2012 article in The New York Times, Adderall abuse has become a huge problem among high school and college students who are willing to sacrifice their health in order to get a competitive edge in their studies.

What’s even more disturbing is that some parents are willing to support their children and even ask them to take these drugs, if that means that their children can earn better grades and consequently qualify for more prestigious universities across the country.

If you are already snorting Adderall and you are thinking of the negative side effects on your body… or you if are considering doing that, you have landed on the right page. Or if you’re thinking someone you know could be sniffing Adderall you’ll want to read the information given on this page, and then perhaps offer help to the person suffering from the Adderall addiction. If you’re still not sure if the person in question is taking Adderall, drug testing can be completed by the likes of this service for drug testing in Bridgeport CT or various other locations available.

At the end of this page, you can ask your own questions about snorting Adderall or leave a comment with your own experience with this drug.

Continue reading to understand how snorting Adderall affects your body and how you can minimize the negative side effects on your health.

What Happens When You Snort Adderall

The moment you snort Adderall, a large dose of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine is released into your bloodstream.

What happens TO YOUR BRAIN when you snort Adderall

Because this drug is not being absorbed in your body through the GI tract, the release of these two powerful stimulants happens extremely fast. Adderall is then absorbed within minutes into your body through the mucus membrane of the sinus cavity, where it enters the bloodstream and goes directly to your brain.

Most people who snort Adderall experience a euphoric state within minutes of ingestion. Additionally, they feel an improved focus, a state of excitement and a radical boost in energy level.

Because of the intense, euphoric high, many who snort Adderall are prone to overdosing on the drug. The consequences of an Adderall OD can be devastating. Moreover, since Adderall does not work on the body or even stay in the body for too long, those who snort it may feel the need to do so repeatedly once they start. The question of “how long does Adderall stay in your system?” may be an important one to tackle when looking at Aderall abuse or even use.

Even if you don’t OD, snorting Adderall can be extremely bad for your health. You may experience one or more of the following side effects, for example:

– Confusion

– Chest pain

– Difficulty in breathing

– Aggression

– Mania

– Fears

– Muscle pain

– Hallucinations

– Suicidal instincts

– Rapid heart rate

– Dizziness

Not only will you have to deal with these side effects, but you may also run the risk of contracting various infectious diseases if you choose to share a snorting tube or instrument.

To top it off, snorting Adderall damages your nasal cavities and hinders your body’s natural ability to create mucus, which opens the door to infections of the sinus.

How Effective is Snorting Adderall?

When snorting Adderall, you will experience the same side effects, but they are more powerful and have a shorter life span.

The high you feel and the capacity to learn better both last much less time. So, you feel a need to snort again.

According to doctors and many users, snorting Adderall generates a reaction in your body very similar to snorting cocaine.

This should serve as a warning sign, as cocaine is a very addictive drug.

Snorting Adderall also increases the likelihood of contracting infectious diseases and also increases the chances of paranoia and dizziness.

Overdose may cause permanent nasal damage or even death.

Over time, the positive effects of Adderall and the short-term high you feel do not come close to the long-term damage it does to your body.

Using Adderall in any way can only be effective under strict supervision from your doctor, and only to treat ADHD or another qualified problem. Otherwise, this drug is highly dangerous.

Professional doctors will never prescribe snorting Adderall.

Why People Snort Addies

snorting adderall XR

snorting Adderall XR

The real problem in our society is that snorting Adderall has become a behavior that people engage in just to experience that thrill of getting high.

Snorting Adderall is a recreational high. Just like cocaine or crack.

But by the time you graduate to snorting Adderall, it is a serious warning sign that you are addicted and you may face major consequences for your body if you don’t quit.

Why Is Snorting More Dangerous?

Adderall is normally prescribed in capsule or tablet form.

When this drug is used for recreational purposes, it can be easily snorted by crushing the capsule and spilling its contents, then crushing it down into a powder.

Not only can snorting Adderall have negative side effects that can impact your life, such as shortness of breath, loss of appetite, increased blood pressure, but it could put you in a hospital or even worse may cause death.

Snorting Adderall has been found to cause stroke in adult users and death in children and teenagers with heart problems.

Because Adderall is a stimulant, getting faster results also means the negative consequences occur faster. Additionally, because of the increased risk of dependency, withdrawal is harder.

Is the quick high and the euphoric effect really worth the risk of so many negative side effects, psychological disorders, infectious diseases or even death?

Long-Term Health Risks Associated with Snorting Adderall

Snorting amphetamines incurs very specific risks, some of which only show themselves over time.

In the case of Adderall, recreational users who snort this drug tend to take higher doses than those who take capsules of Adderall. This also means snorters are more likely to develop a dependency.

Inhaling this drug through your nostrils can dramatically damage the sinus membrane and might even affect the internal structure of your sinuses. This damage is for life, so you should think twice before abusing Adderall.

Adderall XR, the newer capsule form of Adderall, is intended to last all day and its contents are much more potent than older forms of Adderall. Of course, the downside is that snorting XR can cause more severe effects, such as toxic shock, high fever and even sudden death.

Another dangerous side effect of snorting Adderall and Adderall XR for a long period of time is psychosis. Psychosis is a state where you hear or see things that don’t exist in reality. This is a very dangerous condition, because it not only affects you, but it affects everyone around you. Psychosis can make you become extremely agitated, violently defensive and nervous. These frightening misconceptions can be disturbing and unpleasant for those around you.

Finally, there is the Adderall crash, which only gets worse when snorting. The intensity of the high you experience right after snorting Adderall is followed by an equally intense episode of low self-esteem, depression and exhaustion.

How to Determine If You Have an Problem

Physical Problems

cardiac problems often caused by snorting adderall XR

After snorting Adderall, if you notice one of the following side effects, it is imperative to get to a hospital immediately. Or if you know of someone who is going through this addiction and refuses to go to the hospital for help, as a friend, knowing what to do if they suffer from any of these side effects will be beneficial. Courses like Hamilton first aid training aren’t there for no reason. You’d rather be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your friend’s health.

– Excessive sweating

Rapid heart rate

Cardiac arrest

– Coma

Heart aches

– Psychosis

– Unusual change in behavior

Signs of Addiction

Whether you are taking the drug under strict medical supervision or you use Adderall for recreational purposes, you might not realize that you have a serious problem until it’s too late.

Here are some obvious signs that you are headed in the wrong direction or may already be addicted to Adderall :

You lie to doctors, forge prescriptions and go to multiple doctors in order to get this drug.

You have no control once you start snorting Adderall.

You borrow or steal Adderall from your best friends or family members.

You think all day long of buying the drug or experiencing the high.

You lie to your friends and parents about how much medication you are actually using.

You have nasal and respiratory problems due to Adderall snorting

Getting Help for Adderall Abuse

It can take a while to realize that snorting Adderall is affecting you.

However, once you realize it, you should seek help re. how to fight your Adderall addiction. If you know someone else addicted to Adderall or snorting it, please feel free to send them here to learn more.

If you have any questions regarding snorting Adderall, please contact us or leave a comment below.

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