“I’ve taken legally prescribed Adderall for seven years” – Jamie

Although the restrictions on Adderall prescriptions have become better, it is still too easy for this medication to get into the wrong hands.

In many ways, I feel like societal problems fuel it, but the medical industry doesn’t do anything to prevent it.

I’ve taken legally prescribed Adderall for seven years, 10 mg IR three times per day. My husband was recently diagnosed with ADHD too, and I was thoroughly disturbed by a comment that was made to me by my doctor.

On our initial visit to be referred to a psychiatrist, my GP said “You know, a lot of adults find out they have ADHD after trying their partner’s medicine, or child’s medicine, or even a friends medicine.

I mean, that’s not the ‘proper’ way to diagnose it, but it usually works.”  It floored me. How could a doctor have such a casual, nonchalant attitude about people illegally using Adderall?