Adderall side effects

Common Adderall side effects include extreme anxiety, nervousness, insomnia and stomach issues.

8 Unmistakable Signs of Adderall Addiction

“The Truth About My Adderall Addiction”

Last December, Ruthie Freidlander wrote an excellent autobiographical article for Elle magazine that explained how an Adderall addiction crept up on her and eventually consumed her life.

Here’s how Ms. Friedlander explains the thought process that led to her full-on addiction:


Adderall Side Effects For People Who Don’t Need It

Is Adderall Safe For People Who Don’t Need to Take It?

adderall side effects

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If you don’t really need to take it, Adderall side effects can be very serious, because it is technically an amphetamine, a dangerous type of drug for anyone to abuse.

Although very rare, an overdose of Adderall can cause cardiac issues, stroke and death. (more…)