“Some of the horrors of my addiction have been the loss of love” – Levi

Where does one begin a story that has no ending?

A story worth reading the story of beauty a story of a beautiful tragedy. The story of a broken vase torn feathers nervous laughter, countless nights, endless days inside answers, outside solutions, changes seasons, but one thing stays the same.

One chain I have yet to break that very few understand. The whole pill.ms Adderall 30 milligrafive times daily, well for the fifth daily was PRN” in case I went out with my friends.”

At 16 years old it couldn’t get any better and little did I know it would only get worse. My life is not a story of Despair, and I write this hoping that somebody out there makes it something from this.

At times, I wonder if Adderall saves my life but at 29 years old to realize that was given crystal meth in a pill form under State supervision just doesn’t sit right.