“Withdrawals suck, but it is comforting to know I am not alone.” – Drake

I first started taking Adderall 2 years ago, fresh into college.

I’ll never forget that first pill – how invincible I felt!

For years, I had a monster drink every morning and sometimes more during the day… and I stopped almost immediately after I got a prescription.

I have ADD/ADHD, but my parent didn’t want me growing up on drugs.

I wanted a “cure”, and my answer was just a pill – and my grades shot up, I kicked ass at my job and talking to people was incredibly easy.

Aside from getting used to some of the small side effects, like not eating or this weird feeling of free falling (first month or two on the pill), I felt unstoppable.

Now I am┬ásocially awkward or just weird, i guess, because I’m always high.