“Leaving everything and everyone behind, and doing Adderall again” – Frank

My story is a bit extreme and strange. Hopefully, it can help others see that their situation may not be so bad, or whatever.

I started my Adderall/amphetamine addiction when a friend gave me one of his 50 mg Vyvanse when I was around 19-20. The high, focus and mental clarity were astounding, and I surpassed all of my work and social expectations. However, I noticed it has a similar effect to MDMA.

I never got hooked on MDMA because I loved it so much. I knew I would get caught, so I rarely did it, maybe twice a year. But over time, my addicted mind began to think of excuses to use Vyvanse, such as “It’s a controlled, prescribed medication” & “It’s not made in a bathtub, it’s OK.” So, slowly but surely, Vyvanse became a regular thing.

It started as a party drug; I would go to a lot of raves and underground parties 1-2 hours away from home. So my addict mind created the thought of, “If I take it at the [x] time, I will be able to stay up for the long drive home and be able to go to sleep by the time I’m home.” It worked fine, I felt great, no hangover, slept fine.

Then I took on another job and began working weekends. So, I would take it late at night, go to bed around 4 am, and then wake up at 7 am, pop another Vyvanse for work, take it throughout the day, then party until 4 am again, then crash all day Sunday.