“I was fed up with the way I was being treated” – Damian

My story with stimulant use began at the age of 18. I was introduced to a herbal dietary supplement named ephedrine which is a stimulant with amphetamine-like properties. The minute I decided to use this substance is the day my life would change forever.

Within an hour of using ephedrine my mind, body and perception of life were completely altered. I began to feel this sudden rush of euphoria, invincibility, and superhuman strength. You see that time in my life I was struggling with weight and depression, constantly being critical of myself and very self-conscious.

I wanted to fit in be the cool kid that every girl liked. It seemed like ephedrine would be the answer to all my problems however after all that was said and done that wasn’t the case. However it suggested to me to read more here on the many methods I could use to help myself at home. These days, there is help just around the corner and there are a whole host of treatments available. I wish I had known about all of these way sooner so I could have tackled this feeling earlier down the line.

I didn’t realize the consequences that would lie ahead of me in the years ahead. Initially, it was great; the depression went away weight dropped rapidly & life was great. Everything I had ever wanted in life was becoming a reality. However, I couldn’t have prepared for what was yet to come.