“Right now, depression is hitting me hard. Encouragement would be deeply appreciated .” – Shelley

I’ve been off Adderall for over 6 weeks.

I used the drug for almost 20 years.

I started because of severe depression that could not be helped… felt I could feel better. Depression can be a lot for some people to deal with on their own, which is why taking medication such as Adderall or marijuana (if legal) are options that some people may look into. Speaking of marijuana, antidepressants like Zoloft should not be mixed with cannabis. So if the route of medical marijuana is one you are looking to go down, this bit of information may be very useful to you. Even if you’re dealing with depression, you shouldn’t feel like you are on your own.

It did work. It worked great.

I did all my chores, went to work and stayed up as late as I wanted. It made me feel more confident, more friendly, and it let me live life again.

Well, it worked great – until it didn’t .