“The comedowns and crashes devastate me” – Bethany

I abused Adderall for about two years before the crashes about took my life. I went to treatment and stayed sober a while and then started stealing and abusing concerts until I couldn’t take enough to get my high.

angry and manic due to Adderall addictionSo now I switched doctors, and they put me on Vyvanse, and it gave me the euphoria for a few days, and now I can take up to 250 mg, and it does nothing.

The comedowns and crashes devastate me. I have totally changed into a different person in the last three years. I got divorced. I have to take care of two kids who see their mother like this.

The mother, they used to be entirely different. I need the energy and focus that stimulants give me but my tolerance is so high I can’t. I am lost. Depressed. Confused.