“Things are really beginning to take a toll, and I need all the support I can get” – Hope4Eva

Hi everybody.

I’m a working mom with a 5 year old daughter.

I started taking Adderall as a teen just for the rush, but I did not have an addiction back then.

I stayed off Adderall for many years after my teen years.

You see, after I had my daughter at 25, I got very sick and was diagnosed with a chronic pain condition called IC – or bladder pain syndrome.

I got depressed, and my house was becoming hard to keep clean.

So when my friend got a script for their ADHD and told me they had some to spare, I thought Adderall was my answer!

I know, damn, was I wrong.

I did get my house in order, and for a year everything was going great.

I even picked up my passion for writing and launched a mixtape!

I used 30 mg a wk, and I’ve always been very careful not to use 2 days in a row.

Well, things are really beginning to take a toll, and I need all the support I can get.

My anxiety is very bad… my chest is tight, I can not breathe deeply.

I’m finding it hard to stay productive on days I don’t have Adderall and end up marathon cleaning weekly, which is horrible since I’m using my day off to clean instead of spending time with my family.

Worse, my brain is fried. I am a smart girl – I love to read, I love history ,writing and researching subjects.

I feel like Adderall is stealing my creativity and killing my brain cells.

I have a slower responses to questions and my reaction is slow.

I twitch now and then – a whole body twitch!

I even see things now and the, like a person who is not there …sad due to Adderall addiction and withdrawal

I really need help.

I would like to continue my life with my music and stay productive at home.

I want to quit, and I have friends who are not good, as they offer me adds.

I‘m trying to stick to people who encourage me to stop taking this drug.

At the same time, I have to cut sugar and cut back on caffeine I know!

I’m diabetic and my doc says I will not be able to have another child unless my sugar levels go down!

I’m tired… sooooo damn tired …

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